Makeup Tips For Video Conferencing

First Impressions: Covid-19 has changed our world and how we interact with our clients. More people are holding Zoom or Facetime meetings. I am often asked what do I need to do to look ready and taken seriously on my next virtual meeting. Below are some tips from my toolbox I often share. 1. Dress

Highlight’s of October 2019

October is Cancer awareness month. This October has a new meaning for me. I was honored, humbled and overwhelmed. When Pink Aid, Ann’s Place, and the Cancer Undercover organizations all contacted me. They are all wonderful organizations that support people and families going through cancer treatments. I was personally touched and understood the responsibility of

Behind The Scene With The KC Sisters

  Makeup artist, Candee Caldwell gives a behind the scenes with  KC Sisters. Connecticut based band consisting of 5 sisters, who’s style clean and modern. These millennial musicians preferred a natural look that was versatile and camera friendly.   Photo credit: Kristen Jensen Hair: Gabriella Paints      

Questions to Ask a Makeup Artist Pro.

Questions: To ask a makeup artist pro before hiring on your wedding Day. * How long have you been in business? * What is there experience with bridal makeup? * Read their reviews. * Do they do a makeup trial on the bride before the day of the wedding? * Do you use waterproof makeup?

Ten Common Makeup Mistakes.

Do’s and Don’t 1. Do: Use Foundation primer before Foundation. 2. Do: Concealer use shade lighter than your foundation. 3. Do: Use setting power 4. Contour use a taupe matte bronzer. 5. Highlighter does​ hight points to cheek, nose & cupicts bow. 6. Blush applied​ to the apple of your cheek. 7. Brow’s Blondes use

Bridal Makeup From Engagement To Wedding Day!

Hiring a professional makeup artist starting with your engagement photo’s ensure perfect relationship for a perfect wedding day. Here is a picture my bride Kate, when I did her makeup for her engagement pictures.      Building relationships: Kate contacted me about 2 months before her engagement shoot to discuss her bridal makeup for both

Making The Decision To Shave My Head.

I’m alway’s asked about my decision to shave my head during my cancer treatment more times than I can remember.  It was a very difficult and private decision.  I didn’t believe I was going to lose my hair.  I, like everyone else, thought I would be the different one. My hair started falling out after

Feeling Scared To Start Chemotherapy

When the doctors told me the protocol for Her2 + positive was chemotherapy I was upset, mad and confused. I immediately called for a 2nd opinion.  Not surprisingly, Dr. Cheng was very supportive of me getting a 2nd opinion.  She was very comforting and encouraged me to seek out all my options.  That’s why I ultimately

Accepting A ” Breast Cancer” Diagnosis

During my 1st meeting with Dr. Cheng, my surgeon, I was feeling overwhelmed as she explained what kind of cancer I had and what procedures I needed. After 3 1/2 hours of Dr. Cheng going over every detail,  My heart was broken and I was very confused. I wanted my husband to wrap his arms

October Breast Cancer Awareness

Finding out you have breast cancer can be traumatic. On January 2nd, 2018, hours after I had a  biopsy, I received a call from my doctor. She said first suggested that I make an appointment with a surgeon. My test came back positive for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.  The tumor was 1.5 cm. I was stunned! “Happy New Year”!

Working With Ethan Allen

Recently, I have been doing hair and makeup for the amazing photographers at the Ethan Allen Studio for their fall catalog and what a pleasure it has been!  The models have been great to work with and the looks are outstanding! When you get a glimpse of the catalog I want you to take the

Business Is a Family Affair for Subway’s Suzanne Greco

When Subway chief executive Suzanne Greco took over the sandwich chain after the death of her older brother, she knew what others were thinking: “‘What is she going to do? What is she going to say?’ I think a lot of people didn’t know what to expect from me.” Fred DeLuca, the company’s cofounder, had led Subway

Hair and Makeup with Vocalist Jessica

It was a honor to work with Jessica on getting her new headshot’s. Along with photographer David Spagnolo clicking away he was able to capture her inter and outer beauty.    

Parisian Soft Romantic Makeup By Candee Caldwell

Summer time can be hot and humid even rainy. I always use waterproof makeup from foundation, eyes and lips. You’ll have 12 hour coverage. Check out bride Cecile wedding day makeup done by me. Very Parisian soft, romantic.

European Cosmetics Vs. American Cosmetics

Clean Up Your Beauty Routine. Cosmetics, Skin care and Shampoo among others-often have chemicals included are well known or suspected to cause genetic mutations, reproductive impairment, even cancer. Did you know more then 1,300 chemicals have been banned by the European Union? But USA FDA has prohibited restricted only 11 in the USA. To minimize

Working With Amazing Hye-Jin Violinist

I find it very interesting when fashion and music come together. You can see here with world renowned  violinist Hye-Jin she brought the classical style meets urban. I had amazing time doing Hye-Jin hair and makeup besides styling the shoot along with photographer Kristen Jensen. Hey-Jin even treated us to a solo.

Real Time Makeup

Real Time Makeup. ~ What I mean by real time makeup is it should represent’s who you are. Daytime or work make-up should be soft and well blended. If you wearing expensive dress, outfit or wedding dress your makeup should reflect the occasion but still represents you. For wedding “YES” you should have a professional

What An Amazing Experience

I had the amazing opportunity to be hand selected by The New York Trend Report Makeup Show to participate in a private networking event for exceptional Makeup Artists. The event was hosted by Celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent and was definitely a Who’s Who in the makeup world! Of all the people there, I was

The Makeup Show and Reggie Wells

I had the amazing opportunity to be hand selected by The New York Trend Report Makeup Show to participate in a private networking event for exceptional Makeup Artists. The event was hosted by Celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent and was definitely a Who’s Who in the makeup world! Of all the people there, I was

About Freelance Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell

by Rachel Simpson When it comes to your big day, creating your wedding day look can be daunting, especially when it comes to being photographed. So why chance it? Leave it to a professional make up artist! With more than 20 years experience creating stunning bridal and event make up, Candee Caldwell can give you

2017 Bridal Season

Wedding season 2017 is getting started. As a makeup artist specializing wedding day makeup. I would like to remind brides when picking out  a makeup look. Remember you want to enhance your own beauty and stay away from trends. Stick with soft and romantic, that’s my style.  

I Can Help You Create You’re Wedding Day Makeup!

December 30th 2016 I was in my studio doing a makeup trial for Lauren Klien we hit it off within 5 mins. After we decided on her custom makeup look for her October 7th 2017 wedding day. I started coming up with a makeup look for her bridesmaids that would complement their skin tone and

Makeup For Your Bridesmaids

How important is it for my bridesmaids to have their makeup done by a MUA ? I’m often ask that question. I find it very important to have the same makeup artist do the bride’s makeup along with the bridal party. As a makeup artist, specializing in bridal parties, it make’s a huge difference. You need


I’m often asked about the aging process. I get questions about products for skin care etc. It’s learning to embrace your  own beauty. Do not get me wrong I believe in good skin care and taking care of your body & mind.Through healthy habits, exercise, healthy eating and drinking tons of water along with sleep. Healthy

Behind The Scenes

When you look at photo or video and think about how beautiful and natural somebody looks what you don’t realize how much work it took to bring out their natural beauty. Makeup, lighting and wardrobe are all parts of what we have to consider before going into a shoot. Key is your purpose and massage

Planning You’re Wedding Should Be A Direct Refection Of You!

AT LAST, some actual words of wisdom regarding wedding preparations, and from the queen of bridal herself, Vera Wang. The New York-based designer says brides should stick with what feels comfortable on their big day. “Don’t disguise yourself,” she told The Cut. “You don’t want your husband to not recognise you. If you don’t wear


I’m asked a lot about staying youthful looking or what  products do I recommend ? I believe it starts with healthy habits. I feel its key to take care of your mind and body it shows on our faces. Starting with exercise, eat clean, penalty of water a course sleep. Never go to bed with

Soft Romantic Makeup

Soft romantic makeup. I used a cream to powder foundation for full coverage but drys to powder to give a soft natural look. Lips; soft rose matte color. I love creating brides vision of her self on her wedding day. Makeup artist: Candee Caldwell

Waterproof Makeup

Important information when hiring a makeup artist ask questions. July and August in the North east  have been brutally hot . As a makeup artist I must insurance the client that their makeup will last the day. I use waterproof base and foundation. I recently got a massage from a photographer who shot a wedding

Beautiful Healthy Skin For Your Next Photo Shoot.

I’m asked often how to I have healthy glowing skin for a photo shoot. Water is key, good healthy diet and sleep. If your well rested and hydrated you feel good and it comes out in your photo session. Remember the camera captures your mood.

Five Star Review

You received a new review on The Knot! 5 star rating posted 08/01/2016 Candee is an AWESOME makeup artist!! She made myself and my bridal party look absolutely beautiful on my wedding day! Candee is excellent at what she does and such a nice person. I had a trial since I never had my makeup

Beautiful Summer Wedding Makeup.

June 24th 2016 a perfect summer day! I had the opportunity to do makeup for bride Alexa. Her wedding was on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield CT. I wanted to keep her looking fresh but elegant. I used water proof foundation along with water proof eye color. Popping her eyes  with demi eyelashes. A pop of

Mother Of The Brides View Of Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell

Arriving ready to roll at 8:30am, Candee took her makeup chair out of her car and saddled up the rest of her makeup gear to begin our bridal makeup morning with the bride, 6 bridesmaids, mother of the bride and her sister. It was at Candee’s behest that we have the hair and makeup done

Looking fabulous over 60 + !

Looking fabulous over 60+ ! MAKEUP in past, forget about it ! Use a great foundation, it should be your main source of coverage. Don’t leave home with out a face and eyes primer. Go easy on concealer,as too much around the eyes can “get stuck in your laugh lines and draw attention.” Cautions on

Garden wedding makeup

Thinking about a summer wedding? Here is a picture of my makeup application from a beautiful garden wedding this past May. I keep it waterproof and light, capturing your natural beauty. I apply makeup a little darker so you look natural in outdoor lighting. Photo credits; Picture This Of Danbury CT  

What’s your number one beauty secret?

Question: I’m always asked ” What’s your number one secret “. Answer : Smile and use kind words. If you have kind thoughts they will shine though your face. Your inner beauty will shine! By Candee Caldwell

Makeup For A Country Wedding

On May 9th I had the pleasure of working with photographer Heather Renee` on a beautiful country wedding. At The Country Loft Bed & Breakfast Woodbury CT. I used a soft waterproof foundation and eye shadows with a hit tech lip gloss to tie in the flowers from her bouquet. Whisconier flower shop did her

Tips for picture perfect.

From Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell Tips for picture perfect: Eye Brows Groomed ( A few days before pictures / wedding ) Take care of your skin ( Cleanse,tone and moisturize ) Three days before pictures ( Microdermabrasion ) Drink plenty of Water ( Give your skin a healthy glow and foundation go on smoothly )

Who’s your dream client?

Beautiful at any age. Here is another example of hair and makeup by me. Working on “the dream client ” photo and video shoot. Think about how you want your customers to see you on your website, face book, twitter, instagram and linkedln accounts ?

This week is about finding “the dream client ” project.

This week is all about hair and makeup. I’m working with photographer Kristen Jensen on a project call ” the dream client”. Helping you find your dream clients by having us shoot your new head shots and video. Here is a picture a client I did hair and makeup,she was updating her real-estate website. I

Change Of Season Skin

Before you have a professional makeup session, It’s important for you to cleanse your skin and use a moisturizer. This will make your foundation go on nicely and not cake in to the skin.Treat yourself to good skin care. I’m asked all the time what should I be using on my face. When picking a

Bridal Show

  It was a Beautiful day to meet newly engaged couples at The Southbury Bridal Show, Sunday 6th 2016. Stay calm and ask the expert makeup artist Candee Caldwell all your beauty questions. Your first tip for the Bridal Season is: drink plenty of water

Mini Video of This Bride’s Special Day with some behind the scenes footage!!

On April 25th, 2015 I had the pleasure of working with Katie on her wedding day.  She went for a subtle look which complimented her natural beauty and her elegant dress.  The video was shot by Jason from

What to Bring when you have a makeup trial with Candee

All of your accessories. Veils and other headpieces should be a given—your hair wouldn’t look the same without them! But don’t forget about jewelry. Bring any earrings and necklaces you plan to wear. Cami close to the color of your dress.

Why do I need to hire a makeup artist for wedding day makeup?

I’m asked this question all the time. Question: Do I need a professional makeup artist? Answer: Yes WHY? 1. We unsure that your makeup lasts. 2. We know how to get you camera ready. 3. It minimizing your stress 4. You’ll be looking your absolute BEST!   What sets Candee apart? She can make a

Behind the scenes wedding makeup

What a pleasure to with Katie and Eric on their wedding day. Katie wanted to achieve a soft romantic look going for Grace Kelly. I wish them tons of love and many years together.   Video was shoot by Jason & Maggie Henriques Photography LLC

Head shots – The importance of hair and makeup.

I work with photographer Kristen Jensen and in our experience we found that people don’t understand the importance of hair and makeup for their headshot pictures. As a professional makeup artist I know how to mini retouch up process and enhance flawless and professional look.  

How soon should I book my wedding day makeup artist.

At least 6 months in advance. It’s important for me to get to know my brides and what they want. Sometimes I do 2 trials the 1st one I get to know them and 2nd is too finalize the look we created together. Popular days tend to go fast too.

Makeup by Candee Caldwell Featured in Wedding Reports!

I wanted to share with you the my work was featured in an article on!  What an amazing day this was for this beautiful bride!  We did a classic look for a vintage spring wedding in northwest CT!  How Exciting! For the full article click here. Photography was done by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography.

Beauty Forecast 1-2-15

Beauty Forecast : Today Friday January 2 nd 2015 . Exfoliate your face, start the new year by getting rid of the old skin. Hydrate afterwards. Celebrate this new year with new radiant skin <3

Who else…..

would do MY makeup, but Connecticut’s TOP Makeup Artist? Voted, once again, BEST OF THE KNOT 2015  

Hiring A Professional Has Benefits

Most people can do their own makeup well from practice of doing everyday, but very few people actually know how makeup is going to transfer to photography-this is WHY you need an expert. As a professional yourself you want the client to look and feel their best, and love the photos after words. MUA Candee Is a

Stunning Wedding day Makeup

Look Stunning with Wedding Make Up by Candee Caldwell Thursday, August 14th 2014 – Posted by Rachel Simpson When it comes to your big day, creating your wedding day look can be daunting, especially when it comes to being photographed. So why chance it? Leave it to a professional make up artist! With more than

Wedding day Prefect lips.

Perfect lips: Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Buff your lips with a lip mask to remove dry skin.  Moisturize your lip with a lip balm, so they’re soft and ready for the 1st kiss as MRS —————————–.

Top 5 reason to hire a professional Makeup Artist.

When planning your wedding , you may not have budgeted a professional makeup artist yet. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day could be the best decision you make in your planning process. Most people can do their own makeup well from practice of doing everyday, but very few people actually know how

Let’s talk eyebrows !

Two days before your wedding have your eyebrows professionally tweeted, waxed or threaded. This makes a huge different in the way your eyeshadow lies. Better for pictures too.

Getting ready for your special day.

Drinking plenty of water and sleep will help puffy eyes.

Now on The Knot

I’m excited to be announcing the official launch, of Wedding Make up By Candee Caldwell on The Knot network. Many of you may know but to those of you who are new, The Knot is the Internet’s most-trafficked one-stop wedding planning solution. Founded in 1996 to offer a much-needed alternative to the white-gloved, outdated advice

Tip 4

Tip 4 The day before your wedding : 1. Get a manicure and pedicure 2. Confirm Travel arrangements 3. Make sure you have the wedding rings 4. Make sure you have the married license 5. Confirm everything and pick up

Tip 3

Tip 3 On your Wedding Day… Allow plenty of time to get dressed Hair and makeup schedule first. 1. Hair 2. Makeup Bridesmaids should have their hair,makeup and  be dressed before the bride. Your bridesmaids duties are to  help you get dressed. Please include your mother and mother in-law. Have one person collect the monies

Tip 2

Tip 2 Book your final appointment a month before your wedding day. Pick out bridesmaids makeup. Mothers makeup; please don’t forget your further mother in law. Do your final bridal makeup look. Pick out eye lashes ( demi or dramatic ) Finalize the count- how many people total will be having their makeup done. 1.

Tip 1

Tip 1 Meet with your Makeup artist about 6 months in advance. To discuss skin care, and get to get know each other. This makes a difference, building a relationship she gets to know you and your vision for your wedding day. At your first meeting ask questions!  If you have a wedding  theme bring

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