Making The Decision To Shave My Head.

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I’m alway’s asked about my decision to shave my head during my cancer treatment more times than I can remember.  It was a very difficult and private decision.  I didn’t believe I was going to lose my hair.  I, like everyone else, thought I would be the different one.

My hair started falling out after my 4th chemo treatment. It was a shock the first time I ran my fingers through my hair and a hand full of hair fell into the palm of my hand. Luckily, I took Dr. Cheng’s advice and ordered my wig before I lost any hair and matched it to my cut and color. No one knew the difference, that was important to me. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I didn’t want everyone to know.

I shared my diagnosis with a few close friends and my family and some were not very supportive. I made the decision not to tell any more people until I was done with treatment or in a place in treatment that I felt safe and confident. I work in the beauty industry and appearance is very important.  I did not want to lose work.

One morning I was doing my hair and when I looked down my sink was filled with hair.  I had enough! I called my hair stylist and asked if she was willing to make a house call, it was important to me to shave my head at home in my own bathroom. She said YES and came over after dinner.  I invited my friend Liz to come too as moral support. At this point, I accepted that I was going to be bald and it was just the next step in this journey. It was better than crying in my bathroom with hand fulls of hair.

When I put my wig on for the first time, I was relieved. I felt like myself again and didn’t have to worry about my hair coming out anymore.  I took back control. I now have a better appreciation of people who are bald, though. I didn’t know how cold your head gets even when you’re sleeping. I bought a skullcap to wear to bed and around the house that was cotton and bamboo fiber.  It helped when I was doing things around the house. I could not wear my wig while cooking or it could melt, we have a gas stove.  My beauty tip during that time was using castor oil on my head because it promotes hair growth.

Love you, Candee

Candee CaldwellMaking The Decision To Shave My Head.