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    Getting Camera Ready

    Preparing for your shoot

    • Groom your eyebrows a couple of days before your shoot
    • Microderm Abrasion at least 3 days before
    • Start a good moisturizing routine NOW (and keep it going after)
    • Don’t show up to your makeup appointment with makeup on!
      (Remove EVERYTHING! Eyelashes and Mascara take time to remove)
    • If you are using spray on tan, you need to allow 3 days to dry.
    • Using false eyelashes are a good choice to make your eyes stand out
    • Planning takes time, your trial should be scheduled 6 months in advance.
    • Communicate your desired look with your makeup artist well….bring pictures!
    • Your Bridal makeup should be a polished version of the natural you.
    • Avoid glittery makeup
    • Use a Mauve or a Plum color for your lips rather than Reds or Nudes

    Candee’s Role

    With Candee’s years of experience in skin care/hair and grooming she will be sure to guide you to making the right decisions with regard to moisturizing and developing a skin routine prior to your shoot.

    On the day of your shoot, Candee will be sure that your skin is as even and free of blemishes as possible, prime your skin to prepare for the makeup application, and ensuring that your hair is groomed properly before you are in front of the camera.

    When necessary, Candee will stay throughout the shoot to reapply any makeup that wears, powder and clean up any issues, and react live to the images as they are coming out to make sure every shot comes out professionally.

    • Candee Caldwell has been a partner with The Knot Pro Network since 2013 and our couples in Connecticut love her!  Candee has won Best of Weddings in 2014 and 2015 which is a very prestigious award in our industry.  Candee would be a great asset and will help promote your brand!

      Jill Rothman – The Knot
    adminCamera Ready