Ten Common Makeup Mistakes.

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Do’s and Don’t

1. Do: Use Foundation primer before Foundation.
2. Do: Concealer use shade lighter than your foundation.
3. Do: Use setting power
4. Contour use a taupe matte bronzer.
5. Highlighter does​ hight points to cheek, nose & cupicts bow.
6. Blush applied​ to the apple of your cheek.
7. Brow’s Blondes use powder or pencil 1-2 to shades darker.
Brunettes Use 1-2 shades lighter.
8. Eye’s Alway use a pimer before applying eyeshadow.
9. Eyeliner blend, pencil, or powder top and bottom lids.
eyeliner liquid for cat-eye.
10. Lashes curl before lash primer and mascara.

Don’t XXX

1. Don’t apply foundation to bare skin.
2. Don’t concealer undereye circles without using a correction first
3. Don’t use a warm-toned bronzer.
4. If you have large pores do not highlight cheeks.
5. Don’t apply blush below the apple of your cheek.
6. Don’t use black brow products.
7. Don’t apply eyeshadow to bare eyelids​​, Don’t use shimmer in the ​crease.
8. Don’t use hash liquid liner.
9. Don’t curl lashes after mascara.
10. Don’t use false eyelashes with a ​thick band.

Candee CaldwellTen Common Makeup Mistakes.