European Cosmetics Vs. American Cosmetics

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Clean Up Your Beauty Routine.

Cosmetics, Skin care and Shampoo among others-often have chemicals included are well known or suspected to cause genetic mutations, reproductive impairment, even cancer.

Did you know more then 1,300 chemicals have been banned by the European Union?

But USA FDA has prohibited restricted only 11 in the USA. To minimize your risk,look for these three words on labels.

*Fragrance   ( may contain phthalates )
*Parabens    ( mimmic estrogen, meaning they may disrupt the endocrine system. )
*Quaternium ( It releases formaldehyde when sitting on the shelf )

If you find them, replace the product with one that doesn’t contain these toxins.

Candee CaldwellEuropean Cosmetics Vs. American Cosmetics