Planning You’re Wedding Should Be A Direct Refection Of You!

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AT LAST, some actual words of wisdom regarding wedding preparations, and from the queen of bridal herself, Vera Wang.

The New York-based designer says brides should stick with what feels comfortable on their big day. “Don’t disguise yourself,” she told The Cut. “You don’t want your husband to not recognise you. If you don’t wear blue eyeshadow every day, now’s not the time to try. If you don’t run around with a tan 365 days a year, maybe you shouldn’t come in with one.”

The 63-year-old designer, Vera Wang says “I like to do bridal with a fashion edge. Years ago I did a collection that was completely dipped in tea.

I, too, believe that you’re wedding day is a direct refection of you and your spouse. Incorporate your own special touches. I was married 2 years ago at a french chateau in New York and brought in elements of our relationship from cards we gave each other over the years.

“Past~ Present~Future” was our theme. Keeping a very French atmosphere was just perfect and showed off our personally.

Candee CaldwellPlanning You’re Wedding Should Be A Direct Refection Of You!