Makeup For Your Bridesmaids

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How important is it for my bridesmaids to have their makeup done by a MUA ?
I’m often ask that question. I find it very important to have the same makeup artist do the bride’s makeup along with the bridal party. As a makeup artist, specializing in bridal parties, it make’s a huge difference. You need your bridal party to look their best for a professional finished photo.

I’m often asked about pricing and who pays for my bridal party’s makeup. I charge each person the same for the basics.  There can be additional costs if the subject wants things like false eyelashes. I suggest that brides have a budget for their girls early on so there is no hidden cost. When a bride meets with me, we agree upon a price. I’m paid the day of the wedding which that gives them plenty of time to budget. Some brides will pay for their bridal party makeup as a gift, which makes organizing the event a little easier for everybody. 14053671_10207890443354069_7455406792642136010_o


Candee CaldwellMakeup For Your Bridesmaids