Mother Of The Brides View Of Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell

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Arriving ready to roll at 8:30am, Candee took her makeup chair out of her car and saddled up the rest of her makeup gear to begin our bridal makeup morning with the bride, 6 bridesmaids, mother of the bride and her sister. It was at Candee’s behest that we have the hair and makeup done at the house instead of at the salon (to be more comfortable) so we had Christie and Lisa from Christie & Co Salon Danbury Ct, come to the house as well and coordinate the morning with Candee. Bride and mother had had a makeup trial previous to the wedding day so we got to know each other and what we expected. Candee makes you feel at ease in her chair and you trust in her to make the bridal party look beautiful! Our makeup was flawless and natural and had staying power! We reviewed the look of all the dresses, hair (also wonderful) for each girl and earrings to make for a perfect look.
Being my first daughter’s wedding, I have to say that stress was at a minimum (surprisingly) and the fun and joy of the day was thrilling ! With the last stroke of her blush brush and a spot of gloss over your lipstick, as Candee held up the mirror your magical day was about to begin !
Mother of the Bride
Renee H. CT


Candee CaldwellMother Of The Brides View Of Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell