Makeup Tips For Video Conferencing

First Impressions: Covid-19 has changed our world and how we interact with our clients. More people are holding Zoom or Facetime meetings. I am often asked what do I need to do to look ready and taken seriously on my next virtual meeting. Below are some tips from my toolbox I often share. 1. Dress

What An Amazing Experience

I had the amazing opportunity to be hand selected by The New York Trend Report Makeup Show to participate in a private networking event for exceptional Makeup Artists. The event was hosted by Celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent and was definitely a Who’s Who in the makeup world! Of all the people there, I was

Planning You’re Wedding Should Be A Direct Refection Of You!

AT LAST, some actual words of wisdom regarding wedding preparations, and from the queen of bridal herself, Vera Wang. The New York-based designer says brides should stick with what feels comfortable on their big day. “Don’t disguise yourself,” she told The Cut. “You don’t want your husband to not recognise you. If you don’t wear

Soft Romantic Makeup

Soft romantic makeup. I used a cream to powder foundation for full coverage but drys to powder to give a soft natural look. Lips; soft rose matte color. I love creating brides vision of her self on her wedding day. Makeup artist: Candee Caldwell

Beautiful Summer Wedding Makeup.

June 24th 2016 a perfect summer day! I had the opportunity to do makeup for bride Alexa. Her wedding was on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield CT. I wanted to keep her looking fresh but elegant. I used water proof foundation along with water proof eye color. Popping her eyes  with demi eyelashes. A pop of

A brides journey to weigh loss success

My weight loss journey started 4 years ago when I was at my all time heaviest. I was well over 300 pounds and knew something had to be done and fast. Do to my weight I had high blood pressure, pain in my joints and muscles, and always felt tired. I was too the point

All in a days work.

What a great opportunity to work for photographer David Spagnolo on men health and fashion shoot last week. Model Steven Sabella was a natural !

Getting ready for your special day.

  Plan on starting makeup about 3 hours before photographer is set to take pictures of you getting dress. CT premier makeup artist Candee Caldwell