A brides journey to weigh loss success

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image1My weight loss journey started 4 years ago when I was at my all time heaviest. I was well over 300 pounds and knew something had to be done and fast. Do to my weight I had high blood pressure, pain in my joints and muscles, and always felt tired. I was too the point that I was not able to do things I use to love doing or wanted to do, like go to baseballs games because I did fit in the seats, ride a bike, even go for longer walks without getting winded. I knew it was also effecting the length of my life. And I knew only I could make the change that was needed. Once I came to realize how much my weight was effecting my everyday I made the decision to sit in a informational session at Stamford Hospital on weight loss surgery given by Dr Davis and his team. I left that session knowing that was the way I needed to go. I had tried numerous other times to lose the weight only to put back on the weight I lost plus more each time. So I scheduled my appointment to Dr Davis (my surgeon) and his great team of nurses and dietitian. And they made me feel so comfortable and like I was not alone in this journey. After multiple test and follow up appointments I was finally approved for gastric bypass surgery. The next chapter of my journey was on May 25 2013 when I went in for surgery. I was so excited to be going in knowing I was going to come out a new person. But part of me was still nervous that it would just be another fight at loosing the weight that I would in end loss again. But my fears were also suppressed with the strong will to never look back and take this illness called eating disorder by the horns run and ran I did. Over the last 3 years I have lost over 130 pound, found the man of my dreams who I married May 14th 2016. Over the 3 years I had my ups and downs, thankfully more ups, with fighting with my love/hate relationship with food. I went through my periods were I wanted nothing to do with food and others were all I could think about was my next meal. I’m still working on the voice in my head called “ED” ( eating disorder) and trying to get that finally at a happy medium. I’m still making progress with loosing weight by watching my diet and exercising. I hope to loose another 60 pounds but at a a healthy rate. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision by taking such a small step 4 years ago that lead me to the large leap 3 years ago. I truly have my life back and a longer life to live . I know am able to everything that my weight had stopped me from doing before. And I couldn’t of done it without the support and encouragement of my now Husband Dan, my family, and my friends .

Heather DiBartolomeo

Candee CaldwellA brides journey to weigh loss success