Second Time Around – Makeup Tips for the Mature Bride.

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Whether you’re getting remarried or married for the time being a mature bride means you’re wedding planning experience is going to be  a little different then the slightly younger bride.

Tip 1. First of all when it comes to makeup you want to stay away from heavy foundations and air brushing. Heavy foundation will more easily show signs of aging. While air brushing accentuates fine lines and can often give you that ” Barbie Doll ” look. The older bride wants to keep her make up light and natural.

Tip 2.  Picking Lipstick shades. Picking the right shade is going to be really important as well. Stay away from reds they tend to bleed, and with one kiss you’ve left your mark.

Tip 3. False Eyelashes, No matter what age false eyelashes accentuate the eyes. They add fullness to your eyes while creating a more youthful appearance by lifting the eyelid in all the right places.

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Candee CaldwellSecond Time Around – Makeup Tips for the Mature Bride.