– Patterson, NY

Picture this! It’s your wedding day, you are so nervous, excited and stressed out. You show up to your hair and makeup appointment knowing just how it will go because of course you had a trial. You knew exactly what you wanted. Every detail of the day is planned out. You show up with breakfast for the entire bridal party and notice there is an unknown person set up ready to work. Who is this women? You look around and notice the girl that did your makeup is not there. Yup this is my fabulous story! I am the luckiest bride I had the best makeup artist ever! The Salon called in Candee Caldwell she was amazing. She was professional and friendly from the moment I walked in. Of course all makeup artist like to do trial however we didn’t have time for that. She spoke to me the entire morning while everyone was getting their hair and makeup done. She told me about herself and her life. By the time I sat in the chair for my makeup I felt like I was with a friend. I don’t wear a lot of makeup: maybe some mascara and eye liner. Candee knew exactly what to do to make my pictures pop and without taking me out of my comfort zone of not a lot of makeup. She made me look like a better me! The photographer loved my makeup and had no clue it was Candee’s work. When I told him Candee did my makeup he said “No wonder you look amazing”. She made me feel wonderful and beautiful. I was the luckiest bride to end up with the best makeup artist! Also I had been to a wedding recently where the bride had a lot of her makeup on her dress. Candee uses waterproof make up and it all stayed on my face. My dress is still bright white no makeup stains. I have very sensitive skin and I didn’t have any problems. Thank You Candee for an amazing experience!

Candee – Patterson, NY